Thursday, July 26, 2012


Alicia in blessing dress - 4 months old.

Alicia and classmates, including cousin Harly Naughton, with first grade reading award.  Harly was in second grade.  Alicia didn't cheat to win this award like some of the students (this is important to her ).   She is in the next to bottom row - in pigtails.

 Alicia 9 years old.  Third grade.

Alicia at 4-H awards night Oct. 1991.  Eleven years old - all-around junior food winner.

Charlotte and Brian

Charlotte Whisler and Brian Carper sealed for eternity in Anchorage Alaska Temple on April 7, 2001.  Accompanied by Earlene Whisler Rhien

Alicia Carper and Justin Clark

Thursday, June 28, 2012


no name on this photo.  it was included with  some charts from the Ogden City Cemetery
Sandy commented that this could be Grandma Grace Walker and her sisters and we agree with that.  Hopefully, we will find another copy that lists their names.  The clothing looks age appropriate to that time period.

Alexander McIntyre

Alexander McIntyre.
Father of William Allen McIntyre
Grandfather of Georgia S. McIntyre

Alexander died young in South Dakota when a load of logs rolled onto him.

Rhien Kids

For some reason there is not a picture of Joanna in this set.  We'll add one later.

Grandma Hixson

Henry Hixson, Grandma Hixson and their children. Walter is not is this photo.